Bully Prevention

Enrolling a child in Premier Taekwondo can be one of the best actions a parent can take to prevent bullying against their child.

Why? Because martial arts can help all children involved in bully prevention.

By providing benefits such as confidence, discipline, respect, self-control, leadership, stress relief, and self-defense; martial arts helps both the children who are being bullied, and the children who are bullying others.

bullywolfMaster Robert Gravel is the Chief Instructor at Premier Taekwondo and the author of “Bullywolf, The ABC’s to Stop Bullying”.  sold on Amazon

Master Gravel has spent 35 years teaching Taekwondo and helping children develop awareness and communication skills to help him or her deal with bullying. His book shares a powerful and important story how a child can develop self-confidence through a fictional character named Tae-Kwon Dog, Through this character all the other farm animals learn the ABC’s of Bully Prevention. 


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